‘The Golden Girls’ 30th Anniversary is Monday!
Bradley Traynor

‘The Golden Girls’ 30th Anniversary is Monday!

The only plans you’re allowed to have next Monday are watching episodes of “The Golden Girls.” And eating cheesecake. With your girlfriends.

That’s because Monday marks the 30th anniversary of the absolute best television sitcom of all-time. OF. ALL. TIME.

Not that I’m biased. Only I am.

For the last thirty years, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia have kept me company and provided a constant stream of comfort and laughter.

Pretty much every night from my late 20s until my mid-30s, I watched at least one, if not several episodes.

Some people knit, others say prayers before bed, I watched “The Golden Girls.”

And whenever I’m feeling the least bit out-of-sorts or just in the mood for a smile and a giggle, I pop in a DVD and relive the crazy joy of those four fabulous ladies.

If you share even the slightest bit of affection for “The Golden Girls,” here’s hoping you’ll be on the couch cackling along with me Monday night.



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