‘The Good Dinosaur’ looks adorable!
Bradley Traynor

‘The Good Dinosaur’ looks adorable!

When I first heard Pixar was doing a movie about a boy and a dinosaur, I thought, geez, can’t we have a scientifically accurate movie for once where humans don’t live side-by-side with dinosaurs?

But watching the first trailer for “The Good Dinosaur,” I realized my hesitation was premature. Mostly.

The story is a “what-if” tale that imagines how things would be different if the asteroid that killed off dinosaurs didn’t collide with the planet, where dinos exist side-by-side with early humans.

Clever plot device.

And the trailer, albeit short, has me excited for “The Good Dinosaur,” which hits theaters in November.

But what if… #GoodDino.

Posted by Disney Pixar on Tuesday, June 2, 2015



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