The Kleanse begins today
Colleen Lindstrom

The Kleanse begins today

KardashiKleanse_plusAs of this morning, the mid-day shows, Donna, *Marley, & Tam, and Colleen & Bradley are not to talk about that family that has monopolized the media and one specific letter of the alphabet between J and L for years.

I should check, I might even be breaking the rules by writing this very post.

We are not to talk about THAT family or any affiliates through this Friday.

We are taking the lead from Perez Hilton who proposed this kleanse last week, we jumped at the opportunity. Realizing, of course, that we are but a drop in the media bucket, we hope to make a difference this week, and at least make you listeners happy.

*Marley is not taking part in THE KLEANSE. In fact, look for her to over-correct for all of us. I’m sorry. We tried.




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