The new “View” is polite, for now.
Colleen Lindstrom

The new “View” is polite, for now.

Monday’s premiere of “The View” with the whole new cast (save for Whoopi Goldberg) and set started off… polite.

These ladies are clearly getting to know each other, and trying to get off on the right foot.

There was a lot of icebreaker type conversation, no talking over or interrupting, and definitely no heated debates.

Rosie (O’Donnell, not Perez) had her shoes off and was sitting cross legged on her chair because of her sciatica, and that was about the most comfortable thing that was going on.

Much of their “Hot Topic” conversation was full of formality and preemptive apology. For example, when Nicolle Wallace introduced herself as a Republican, Rosie (O’Donnell, not Perez… this might get confusing) interrupted by assuring the audience that she really likes Nicolle. Why so defensive? We get the Elisabeth Hasselbeck reference, but really, Rosie (O’Donnell…), it’s not about you.

The set, which is in an entirely different location and studio, is definitely a change. It’s updated, sure, and the audience sort of surrounds the main stage, which is warm, but it seems as though the audience is smaller and thus not as reactive.

They just didn’t seem to be all that into the show. So, at home, I wasn’t all that into the show.

I had been so excited about Rosie Perez joining the panel, but she played it pretty safe on day one. We didn’t get the “what’s she going to do or say next?” element that Rosie (Perez this time) usually promises.

So, meh.

I’ll watch again. I’ll give them some time to warm up to each other. But day one wasn’t my favorite.

What did you think?



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