The Weekend Box Office!
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The Weekend Box Office!

We wanted to make a movie for you that was epic, heart pounding and emotional. And you made it a box office record breaker… #ThankYou #ThisIsWhy #WeGoToTheMovies #SanAndreas NOW PLAYING.

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The Rock is box office gold! His new movie “San Andreas” brought in 53.2 million dollars in its opening weekend.

The movie is non-stop action and disaster. As long as that’s why you are seeing it, then you will like it. Do not expect a deep plot with a lot of emotion. When they did attempt an emotional

moment, The Rock’s bulging arteries were very distracting.

“Tomorrowland” held on to the #2 spot at the box office.

Here is how I would describe it….”Zathura” meets “Return to Oz” with a little “Men in Black.” If you liked the “feel” of those movies, you may like Tomorrowland.

The plot of the story is still a little fuzzy….

Imagine that all the smart, creative, good people on Earth have created a perfect world (Tomorrowland) in space, while the rest of us destroy planet. Now, we need those smart people to help us

rebuild Earth. The problem is the leader of “Tomorrowland” does not want to help us.

The movie was fun, but confusing for some of the younger folk. Afterwards my daughter did say “I don’t get it”.

Did you like “Tomorrowland” or “San Andreas?”



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