The worst part of last night’s American Idol
Donna Valentine

The worst part of last night’s American Idol

There were a few distractions on last night’s Idol that took away from the show’s content a bit—at least in my opinion:

  1.  JLo looked like one of those grown women you see on your return flight from the Caribbean, thinking that getting her hair braided on the beach was a good idea; it wasn’t.

2.  Jenn Blosil came on stage with bedazzled eyebrows. All I could do was stare at them, the same way I’d intriguingly stare at my Grandfather’s unruly brows which had a mind of their own, unable to decide which direction they’d universally like to go.  Not the best look.  Not even the 2nd to best look.

3.  And finally–What the ——, Jeneve? Is there a stylist in the house? Or a friend? Or a mirror?



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