There’s now a beer made from sewage water
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There’s now a beer made from sewage water


A brewery in San Diego is coming out with a beer made from sewage water.

That’s right, sewage. You know, the stuff that —

No, just kidding.

They say the water they’re using is clean and safe to drink, and that the beer actually tastes really good. My question is: did they have to tell us it’s made from sewage?!

They’re calling it “Full Circle Pale Ale,” so not only have they released this information, but they’re incorporating it into the branding of the beer.

Why?! I don’t care what you make beer from if it tastes good, but I don’t want to know that!

If they weren’t splashing (sorry) this information in our faces, I would drink it happily, because part of the reason they’re making it is for environmental reasons. They say that one day we’ll all be drinking treated and recycled water.

I’m down for that, but let’s call it that: treated and recycled water. Not sewage water, because that’s just gross.

Would you try this beer?




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