Third ‘Hunger Games’ is a mixed bag at the box office
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Third ‘Hunger Games’ is a mixed bag at the box office

If you love the “Hunger Games” movie franchise, you went to see the “Mockingjay  – Part 1” this weekend.

Most of you. Actually, not as many of you as the “Catching Fire” or the first film.

While it bested the box office overall this weekend, “Mockingjay” had the weakest totals for the franchise yet, bringing in a mere $123 million.

Which is nothing to sneeze at, as that still puts the film at the top of opening weekend box office totals.

I saw the film late Friday night with friends and the reactions were mixed.

I loved the film for what it was, the third in a series of four; essentially a prelude to the finale. It’s not an amazing film on its own, but it gets us to the finale, which I’m excited about.

I just wish I didn’t have to wait a year to see it.



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