That time I argued with Chrissy Teigen on Twitter
Bradley Traynor

That time I argued with Chrissy Teigen on Twitter

It’s not every day you get into a tit for tat on Twitter with a celebrity.

But today was just such a day.

Long story short, Chrissy Teigen commented on the shocking news that YouTuber Logan Paul filmed video of a person who likely took his own life. You can read the full story here.

I was slightly bothered by the idea that Paul’s disgusting video was an “ethical mistake,” as well as the notion that the public’s completely rational reaction to it was somehow going to “ruin” Paul’s life. He’ll probably lose endorsements, possibly some of his following; maybe even his current platform. But, this multi-millionaire celebrity’s life is far from being ruined.

I said as much on Twitter.

And then she responded.

If you want to know about what she’s talking about in reference to Pizzagate, go here. I mean, this seems like two different things, right? I thought so. And, again, said as much on Twitter.

I thought I was being clear. Apparently, I wasn’t. We went back and forth two more times and Chrissy Teigen’s last Tweet essentially said my words are easy to say because I don’t know what it’s like to have people want to end my life. I’d include the Tweet below for reference, but I can’t. Because she deleted it. As well as another one.

I’m not sure why she did, but I will say I’m glad she did. As a 42 year old gay man, I certainly know what it’s like to have people want to end you. Just for being you. Also, I’ll reiterate that people losing their cushy millionaire lifestyle after doing something harmful isn’t ruinous. It’s life. It might be sad or unfortunate, but Logan Paul is going to be just fine.

Regardless, my previous invitation to Chrissy stands.



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