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TJ Miller retracts calling Ryan Reynolds ‘horrifically mean’

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Tj Miller

Ryan Reynolds reached out to TJ Miller after his Deadpool co-star publicly spoke about how “horrifically mean” Ryan had been during the movie’s shoot.

During an appearance on the Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show, TJ retracted his earlier assertion that Ryan was nasty to him on the set of Deadpool.

The actors starred opposite each other in the 2016 superhero flick, with Ryan playing the titular merc-with-a-mouth and TJ playing bartender Weasel. They teamed up again for the 2018 sequel.

TJ initially appeared on podcast The Adam Carolla show earlier this week, on which he said he wouldn’t work with Ryan on a third Deadpool film.

“We had a really weird moment on Deadpool where he said, ‘Let’s do one more take,’” TJ recounted on the podcast. “And then, as the character, he was, like, horrifically mean to me. But to me. As if I’m Weasel.”

On Wednesday, TJ took back his statements.

“He emailed me the next day and it was a misunderstanding,” the actor said. “It was very cool for him to say, ‘Hey, you know, I just heard on the show that you were upset about this.’ And I kind of said, ‘You know, I’m not,’ and then we sort of hashed it out quickly.”

TJ explained that his podcast retelling of the Deadpool experience was “just me telling a story from set that I thought was weird” and he “feels bad that (the story) was picked up and it was misconstrued”.

The Silicon Valley star concluded: “He was really cool about it and he’s cool – he’s a good dude.”

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