TLC premieres Duggar spin-off
Colleen Lindstrom

TLC premieres Duggar spin-off


Sunday night, TLC premiered the new iteration of the Duggar saga, “Jill and Jessa: Counting On.” This show will chronicle the lives of two of the Duggar sisters, those who were named in the child molestation scandal featuring their brother, Josh Duggar.

The two sisters are now married and out of the house. At filming, Jill is mom to a 5 month-old boy named Israel, and Jessa is expecting a baby within weeks. In the first episode we heard from both of the sisters about what their family went through in the wake of the release of a police report from over 12 years ago naming the sisters as two of five victims who had been inappropriately touched by their brother, Josh.

Following that scandal, and just when the family felt as though they were getting back to “normal,” they were hit with yet another scandal, when they found that Josh’s name was one of many that were revealed in a hack of Ashley Madison, a dating site aimed at men who wanted to have affairs. Josh came clean with the family that he had a porn addiction and had been unfaithful to his wife (and mother to his children), Anna.

In this first episode of the Duggar spin-off, we see Jill and Jessa have very normal daily interactions as Jessa prepares for the birth of her baby, coupled with tearful interviews with all the siblings as they recount the pain that the family has endured in the wake of these scandals.

But shame on TLC (or perhaps kudos to TLC), the interview that was most anticipated was the solo interview that they teased with Anna Duggar, the wife of Josh, the subject of the family’s turmoil. And they waited until the bitter end to barely start that interview. In the final moments of the first episode, a tearful Anna sat down before the cameras, and just moments later, TLC wrapped up the episode teasing more of the conversation to air next week in episode two. And just like that, I’m committed to another episode.



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