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Tom Hanks yells at fans to ‘back off’ after Rita Wilson is almost knocked over

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Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks yelled at a group of fans after one of them almost knocked over his wife Rita Wilson.

The Saving Private Ryan actor and the singer/actress were surrounded by fans looking for autographs and selfies as they left a restaurant and walked to their waiting car in New York on Wednesday night.

Video footage posted on YouTube shows one fan walking alongside Tom and gazing in his direction before crashing straight into the back of his wife. Rita, who almost tripped over, stopped walking and called on the crowd to “stop it”.

This prompted the usually mild-mannered star to turn around and angrily yell at the fans as he put up his hands to urge them to step back.

“(That is) my wife, back the f**k off!” he shouted, before staring at them. When some people questioned what happened, he stated, “Knocking over my wife”.

Some of the fans could be heard apologising for the situation as Rita and Tom were escorted into their waiting car by security.

This is the second video of the Oscar-winning actor to go viral this week. It follows footage showing his hands shaking uncontrollably during his speech at the Australian premiere of his new movie Elvis. The clip, which was recorded on 4 June, has left fans concerned for the 65-year-old’s health.

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