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Tom Holland got ‘very sick’ physically preparing for Cherry

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Tom Holland

Tom Holland “got very sick” dropping weight and then putting it back on for his role in Cherry.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star teamed up with his Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo for Cherry, in which he plays an army veteran who robs banks to fund his drug addiction.

To prepare for the scenes in which he plays Cherry as a skinny drug addict, Holland “lost around 27lb by running in a bin bag every day” but then he had to bulk up for the scenes in which Cherry is a marine, and he admitted the “brutal” physical transformation made him ill.

“It was awful. Truly. It was only about 10 weeks out of shooting that I realised what I was getting into and what I need to do to transform into the role,” he confessed to British GQ magazine. “So I sat down with my trainer, George Ashwell, and he told me ‘Right, you need to eat only 500 calories a day and run 10 miles. Go.’ Great. It was brutal.

“And then bulking up, going from a drug addict to shooting scenes as a marine? I got very sick, actually. And it’s changed my relationship with food completely. I think I would find it very difficult to find a role that would warrant that sort of abuse on my body again.”

Cherry is the 24-year-old’s darkest film yet, and it didn’t just take a physical toll on him – it impacted him emotionally too, and he has ruled out ever doing another film that takes him to such a dark place again.

“I would never go back there again, not for anyone. I am pleased I did it, but that door is now closed and locked,” he stated.

Cherry premieres on Apple TV+ in March.

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