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Tom Morello condemns antisemitism amid Israel-Hamas war

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Tom Morello

Tom Morello has spoken out against the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday with a message for users commenting on the Israel-Hamas war.

“Important to remember the horrific war crimes in Gaza aren’t being done by ‘the Jews’ but rather by a particular murderous right wing Israeli administration. Many brave Jews in Israel & abroad condemn the slaughter,” Tom posted. “Our fight is against oppression. No room for antisemitism.”

Last month, the guitarist reacted after Jamie Lee Curtis posted a photo from Gaza in support of Israel – then deleted it when she discovered the photo featured Palestinian children.

“I’d like to make the radical proposal that the harming of children, no matter who they are & no matter who does it, is always wrong and should be condemned,” he wrote at the time. “Similarly, WAR CRIMES committed by any person, any organization or any government (yours, mine, friend or foe) must be denounced and the responsible parties held accountable.”

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