Tommy Lee’s fiancee: ‘Don’t blame me for his meltdown’
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Tommy Lee’s fiancee: ‘Don’t blame me for his meltdown’

Rocker Tommy Lee’s fiancee Brittany Furlan has slammed critics for suggesting she played a part in his family meltdown.

The Motley Crue star was hospitalized after getting knocked out by his 21-year-old son Brandon Lee in a brawl at home on Monday night (05Mar18).

Brandon’s mum, Pamela Anderson, weighed in on the drama on Thursday (08Mar18) by issuing a statement claiming Tommy suffers from “the disease of alcoholism”, accusing her ex of being drunk at the time of the incident, and insisting her son was acting in self-defense.

Tommy, who has battled alcohol problems in the past, later admitted to drinking before the altercation, leading to reports suggesting his fiancee has been a bad influence on her man.

Now Brittany has come forward to categorically deny claims she has been reinforcing his poor alcohol-related behavior.

“This is so awful,” she tells Page Six of the rumors. “Every time a friend calls, I encourage him to go see them, to hang out. HE decides what he wants to do. Not me.”

She adds, “It is Tommy who makes his own decisions, I don’t tell him what to do. He’s a grown man.”

Brittany insists she has actually been helping Tommy become a better person by getting him to see a therapist.

“(It’s) sad and I’m very hurt that I’m being blamed when I’ve only ever tried to help,” she says. “I love Tommy, have always only wanted the best for him, I am wishing peace for all involved.”

Brittany, who became engaged to Tommy last month (Feb18), called emergency services for assistance after Monday night’s brawl, telling operators her unconscious fiance was “totally out like a light” and sharing fears for his safety, by claiming her “stepson” Brandon owned guns.

Brandon has since hired an attorney following reports his dad is seeking to press charges and take out a restraining order against him.

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