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Top toothpastes for a gleaming smile

When: 22 Jun 2021

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Unlike skincare or beauty formulas, most of us probably spend very little time considering what type of toothpaste to use.

But as oral hygiene is such an important part of daily routines, perhaps it’s time to update your go-to products.

Read on for a round-up of great new toothpastes to hit the market.

Gallinée Prebiotic Toothpaste

Harnessing the power of prebiotics and xylitol, this highly concentrated toothpaste is ideal for people with sensitive teeth and gums.

Developed by Gallinée founder Dr. Marie Drago, she claims the formula is revolutionary because it “works toward supporting your resident microbiome rather than killing it”.

The fresh mint and verbena flavour is a nice touch too.

Dr. Bronner’s Spearmint Toothpaste

For those who can’t stand toothpastes with very strong flavours, the latest addition to Dr. Bronner’s oral care line may be for you.

Made with organic spearmint oil and organic menthol crystals, this option delivers a long-lasting mellow-minty-fresh-clean feeling.

Certified vegan and fluoride-free, this toothpaste is formulated with 70 per cent organic ingredients, including fair trade and organic coconut oil and organic coconut flour which act as a natural polisher. The next level in natural toothpaste!

Millionaire Smile’s Volcanic White Glow Toothpaste

Developed by leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robbie Hughes, Millionaire Smile’s Volcanic White Glow Toothpaste is specially formulated using the latest innovative ingredients, including hydroxyapatite, activated charcoal, and volcanic minerals. Not only does the product tackle surface stains, but with continued use, Dr. Hughes insists the formula can reduce sensitivity and gently whiten teeth.

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