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Tori Kelly welcomed home from hospital with flowers from Beyoncé

Los Angeles premiere of 'Fool's Paradise'
Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly has been welcomed home from the hospital with a bouquet of flowers from Beyoncé.

The 30-year-old singer was rushed to hospital after she collapsed during a dinner with friends in late July, which was later confirmed to be a result of blood clots.

The Paper Hearts hitmaker took to Instagram on Tuesday to let her fans know that she has now returned home and shared that she had received a generous gift from Beyoncé upon her arrival.

“home sweet home,” Tori captioned the post, featuring a series of photos of her enjoying being at home, including photos of her dogs, a selection of sweet treats, get well cards, and her watching an episode of Friends.

The two-time Grammy winner also included a photo of the extravagant bouquet of white roses which she recieved from the Single Ladies superstar and a screenshot of the message alerting her to the surprise gift.

“Hi! Hope you’re feeling good! Beyoncé sent flowers to the house. No one was home so they left them under this tree”, a text from an un-named person read.

“Ummmmm,” Tori, understandably shocked, replied. “beyonce ?”

The comments section of the post was quickly flooded with supportive messages for Tori.

One fan wrote, “This makes me so happy. & Queen Bey sending flowers? Just iconic. We love you TK.”

Another fan wrote, “So glad you’re feeling better and home with your family. And Beyonce sending flowers while touring…mindblowing!”

Despite her recent health scare, Tori released her latest album, tori, on the 28 July.

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