Tori Spelling hospitalized for Benihana burns.
Colleen Lindstrom

Tori Spelling hospitalized for Benihana burns.

More like Burn-ihana.

Tori Spelling was celebrating Easter (a week late?) at a Benihana restaurant in Encino when at the end of the meal she got her heel caught in a rug and fell backward into a hibachi grill.


Reportedly the troubled actress and reality star then had to be hospitalized and received skin grafts for the serious burn.

Here’s the deal. Tori is frequently hospitalized for many things. And I’ve seen photos of this burn. It appears to be a green dot. I’m not saying that she didn’t get burned, or that it didn’t hurt, but I’m just very confused.

In any case, I hope she is on the mend, and can get back to her busy career of putting out fake reality shows and planting tabloid stories soon.

Sorry, that sounded insensitive. Get well soon, Tori.




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