TOTAL BUMMER: Tom Hiddleston wins ‘Rear of the Year’…
Bradley Traynor

TOTAL BUMMER: Tom Hiddleston wins ‘Rear of the Year’…

Taylor Swift’s man of the moment was just crowned with the winning-est rump around. At least, according to the people at Rear of the Year.

The British actor took top tushy honors on the website, which polls people on the most popular posteriors.

Tom’s rear entry for consideration this year was a scene he did in the AMC miniseries “The Night Manager.”

Having caught a glimpse of the screen cap, I’m not quite sure Mr. Hiddleston’s buns are necessarily ‘Rear of the Year’ worthy. Still, with all the attention he’s getting for dating Taylor Swift, it’s perhaps understandable why so many voted his fanny most fantastic.

If you want to see the screenshot of Tom’s winning derriere, watch the mildly NSFW video below.



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