I would totally wear this “sexy” Halloween costume

I would totally wear this “sexy” Halloween costume

I don’t like the “sexy” Halloween costume trend. Lingering in our pop culture consciousness for what seems like forever, the trend was notably being mocked in the forever-classic film, Mean Girls.

“I’m a mouse, duh…”

That was all the way back in 2004 and every year since, we have to brace ourselves for the sexification of EVERYTHING for Halloween. NO ONE WANTS TO BE A SEXY CORN COB.


YouTube star Jenny Lorenzo hilariously breaks down the trend (complete with Sexy Corn Cob costume…)

As much as I’m not here for sexy Halloween costumes, I am slightly persuaded to get on the trend if dressing sexy for Halloween looks like this:

An actual Sexy Halloween Costume for Halloween. I would wear this.

The packaging for the costume advertises a “Sexy Potato,” which unfortunately is not too far off from reality. The creator of the costume, Jamie Kruger, has posted a costume tutorial so you can made your own Sexy Halloween Costume (there’s even instruction so you can customize it to your liking.)

Happy costuming!





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