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Tracee Ellis Ross: ‘Diana Ross doesn’t realise how special her clothes are’

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Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross thinks it’s “hilarious” that her mother Diana Ross has no idea how important some of her iconic outfits are.

The Black-ish actress was interviewed by Naomi Campbell for her YouTube show No Filter With Naomi and the pair discussed fashion, beauty and living in the spotlight from an early age. During the chat, Tracee revealed an anecdote proving that her iconic mom doesn’t always realise how valuable her clothes are.

“My mom had incredible taste, so just her regular clothes are amazing,” Tracee said. “She doesn’t understand the importance of them, it’s hilarious. I was out in the garage once and I came back with a shirt and I was like, ‘Mom what is this? Why is this not in a case? This could pay for college!’ It was the shirt that she wore for the American Music Awards with Michael (Jackson) when they were dressed as twins.”

During the memorable 1981 performance, Diana and Michael wore matching black sequinned shirts with white bowties and coordinating white suits.

Naomi was shocked to hear Diana had been storing the priceless item in the garage, insisting, “That needs to be in a case!”

Tracee, who re-wore the outfit at the 2017 American Music Awards, reassured the supermodel that the situation had been resolved, laughing: “Well, it’s in my house now!”

Naomi went on to reveal that she had lovingly kept the costume she wore when she appeared in the 1992 Michael Jackson video for In the Closet.

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