‘Trading Spaces’ is coming back, ya’ll!
Colleen Lindstrom

‘Trading Spaces’ is coming back, ya’ll!

Designer Genevieve Gorder, center, shows home-owner participants Amy Minasian, left, and husband Phil the color of the paint she plans to use as a cameraman tapes TLC's "Trading Spaces" in Katonah, N.Y., July 12, 2002. A mix of a reality and game show, the series takes neighbors who agree, with a professional designer's help, to make over a room in the other's home. (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)

 (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)

Back in the day day, I could rock a weekend marathon of ‘Trading Spaces’ on TLC like a champ. When I caught the fact that TLC (The Learning Channel, in those days) would be running back to back episodes, I’d be locked on my couch for the duration. I loved the show that much.

The premise of the show was that neighbors/friends would select a room in their home that they would entrust to each other along with the help of a designer to redecorate. Over a period of 48 hours, they would literally trade spaces while they completed the project, and at the end there would be a big reveal of the work they had done.

The show shot many designers and a couple carpenters to relative fame, and paved the way for other home makeover shows.

The best, of course, was when a couple hated the ugly thing their friend did to their room… and that would look something like this: Click here.

Well, good news, at the Discovery Channel upfronts on Tuesday, they announced that in 2018 ‘Trading Spaces’ will come back again! I’d better invest in a new couch to wear out.



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