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Trend to try: Bleached eyebrows

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Kendall Jenner

Forget fluffy brows, there’s a new eyebrow trend in town.

In recent months, celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Precious Lee, and Bella Hadid have all tried out the grunge-inspired look.

Keen to give bleached brows a whirl? Sarah Amelia Fogg, celebrity brow artist and founder of Brows by Sarah, has shared her advice for what to consider prior to taking the plunge.

Be prepared for maintenance

Bleached brows aren’t for the faint of heart… and they require regular upkeep.

“If you have darker brows, your roots will start to show post-bleaching. So, you may prefer to dye them back completely to a more natural colour,” she noted.

Brows convey expression

Eyebrows play a role in expressing emotions, so if they disappear, you may notice a change in the way people react to you.

“Your brows play a big role in the expression of your emotions and helping others understand your emotions, so bleaching your brows can impact this,” the expert said.

Darker brows tend to look more youthful

Depending on your hair colour and complexion, bleach brows may make you appear older.

“Your brows are a tell-tale sign of ageing. Lightening can make any thinning less obvious, but going too light can create less facial contrast between your brows and skin, making you look older. In a nutshell, darker brows help you look younger for longer!” exclaimed Sarah.

Brow hair is very delicate

Bleaching the hair on your head can be risky business at the best of times and lightening your brows is no different.

“I’ve seen lots of people using the same bleaching solution on the top of their head for their brows which I strongly advise against! Bleaching kits contain harsh chemicals that can damage your brow hair permanently, there are risks of chemical burning, and if even a small amount of solution gets in or near your eyes it could cause scarring or blindness,” she warned.

Always opt for a professional kit formulated for specific use on the eyebrows.

Brows are unique

“Our brows are extremely personal, it’s not one size fits all and it’s certainly not about simply picking a style and sticking with it. We all have different brow shapes and needs,” added Sarah. “If you love the bleached brow look, I recommend visiting a brow specialist who can help you work out what would look best and transform your eyebrows safely. The last thing you want to do is cause any damage.”

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