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Try this beauty trend: Slugging


As winter rages on, our skin is probably feeling dry and sensitive after weeks of plunging temperatures, arctic winds, and central heating.

Sheet masks, overnight masks, DIY facials, and trusty moisturisers have all had their moment in the spotlight, but now it’s time to try ‘slugging’. So what exactly is it?

Slugging surfaced a few years ago on the K-Beauty scene, after a Korean actress claimed it was the secret to her glowing complexion. It then gained wider recognition on Reddit and is now proving popular with skinfluencers on TikTok too.

It’s super easy and best of all inexpensive – as it simply involves slathering your face in Vaseline or another petroleum-based product before bedtime.

Once you’ve completed your usual cleanse and tone night-time regime, coat your face in Vaseline to prevent any moisture loss overnight.

Experts say this occlusive protective barrier can work miracles for dry skin, and fans of the trend swear it has left their faces feeling plumper, hydrated, and glowing.

“Slugging is the process of using a petroleum-based product on your skin to prevent dryness, protect your moisture barrier, and boost the glow,” @skincarebyhyram told Glamour magazine. “Petroleum has a bad reputation but it’s one of the best ingredients for sealing moisture in your skin.”

Those prone to spots may be raising their eyebrows at this latest skincare craze, as Vaseline has been blamed for causing breakouts in the past. However, experts insist the product shouldn’t clog pores unless used excessively but do agree it may not be the best thing for oily or acne-prone complexions.

Oily or combination skin types could consider target slugging. Apply the petroleum moisturiser wherever skin is dry or flaky, or on problem areas such as lips, around your laughter lines, forehead, or chin.

The only drawback to this cheap and cheerful trend could be a greasy pillowcase in the morning!

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