TV Addiction Corner: Manageable Binge Recommendations

TV Addiction Corner: Manageable Binge Recommendations

We at myTalk consume mass quantities of popular culture, devoting ourselves to keeping up with the latest in TV. We’re just like you: we have a lot going on in our lives, so guest host Lindsay Guentzel and I have come up with some shows that are totally worth parking it on the couch for, but that won’t turn you into a total recluse.

Lindsay’s Picks

The Newsroom – Three seasons, with 10, 9 and 6 episodes per season respectively. Lindsay’s really into this Aaron Sorkin-penned drama about the inner workings of a cable news network. Available on HBO Go.

True Detective – One season, 8 episodes. The show that ushered in the McConaussaince, it follows a pair of Louisiana State Police in their pursuit of a serial killer. Available on HBO Go.

Holly’s Picks

Transparent – One season, 10 episodes. A touching seriocomic look into the lives of a Los Angeles family who faces many transformational experiences. Great writing, fantastic acting. I binged this in one day! Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Watch the pilot for free!

Fargo One season, 10 episodes. Inspired by the 1996 Coen Brother’s classic film, this show delves into the universe set up by the film and creates a fantastic story from disparate characters drawn together by one malevolent man. Available on iTunes (worth the purchase) or by mail through Netflix.

Happy Binging (and please binge responsibly!)

Check out a trailer for Transparent in the video below!





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