In Tweets: My AMAs thoughts.
Bradley Traynor

In Tweets: My AMAs thoughts.

In case you missed the AMAs last night or, frankly, saw it but wondered what might’ve stood out in my own random brain (weirdo), I’ve put together a list of my particularly favorite moments.

It’s true. I don’t care how talented a performer is, no one will ever hit those notes the way she did. Ever. And that’s ok, but maybe we don’t need people to try?

I don’t know what else to say. Gaga was in rare form last night. And by rare, I mean, I’m not sure what was going on. And to think she was actually on-stage performing at an actual concert during the show.

Diana’s daugther and AMAs emcee, Tracee Ellis Ross came out in an outfit she found in mom Diana Ross’ garage. And suddenly, we all wanted to go shopping in Diana Ross’ garage.

I can’t believe Pink literally pulled off what Batman and Robin couldn’t do with a bigger budget. Seriously though, is there a gravity-defying routine she CAN’T do?

KPop phenom BTS made their US debut last night. As a one-time fan of JPop, I was mildly envious and simultaneously brought back to an earlier time…

IT’s true. And we should worship her every damn chance we get.



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