Twin Peaks Review: Dougie Gets His Groove On, and I’m Not Mad
Dawn McClain

Twin Peaks Review: Dougie Gets His Groove On, and I’m Not Mad

Kyle MacLachlan pictured at Showtime’s TWIN PEAKS premiere on Friday, May 19, 2017 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Showtime/AP Images)

As a huge fan of Twin Peaks, I will accept any weirdness that David Lynch throws at me.  This week’s episode had quite a few dark spots.  In it, we see Richard Horne assault and steal from his grandmother, Sylvia Horne and then violently get revenge on a woman who witnessed his hit and run accident; The Log Lady giving Hawk an ominous message , and much more.  Now, Back to the Scene with Richard Horne.  Establishing the fact that Sylvia is his grandmother, it all but confirms that Audrey Horne is his mother.  How could such a good character turn out such an evil one?  Since we have learned the lessons of the birth of bad things from episode 8, evil is born from evil.  Could it be that Richard was born out of the accidental incestuous relationship with her father?  CREEP FACTOR: 100.

Now let’s talk about the surprising and welcomed body shots of Dougie, played by Kyle MacLachlan.

I’m not mad about it.  Neither was Janey Jones his wife, played by Naomi Watts.  We get a brief reprieve from the darkness of what is happening within the world of Twin Peaks, to notice the beautiful  physique of Good Cooper, who everyone thinks is Dougie Jones.  Janey takes Dougie to the Doctor for a check-up, since he walks around like a lobotomy patient.  During the physical, Dougie removes his shirt for the check up, and the doctor is perplexed as to how much weight “Dougie” has lost.  For the first time, we see the over-bearing Janey melt with desire as she stares at her husband’s ripped physique.

Then we get a sexy seduction and sex scene with Janey having her way with her husband.  And this time, the sex scene didn’t end in a murder.  Thank you David Lynch!  You see, when we wait so long for some good old fashioned sexy time, he makes it so worth the wait.  If he wants to have more Kyle MacLachlan shirtless scenes, I would be okay with that. I just so happened to take some screen shots for you guys.  (for the show, of course).  Give it up for 58 year old Kyle MacLachlan!



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