Two little tricks to clear a stuffy nose
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Two little tricks to clear a stuffy nose

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Here are two little tricks that help clear a stuffy nose! We just tried them for the first time, and we think they actually work?! Who knew!

Let us know what you think. Here they are:

1. Press your thumb in between your eyebrows for three to four seconds, then let go and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It is supposed to work bones in your face that push fluid out of your sinuses. Do it four or five times in a row and see if you can breathe better.

2. Push your right pinky to the back left side of your mouth, behind your back molar, and push up. Hold for three seconds. It is supposed to get at a group of nerves in your nasal cavity and help drain fluid. Do it every few hours.

If those aren’t quite making sense, click here to read more about the techniques.

We know winter is coming, but at least that means the end of allergies!!


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