Tyrese Gibson blames pregnancy lie on medication
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Tyrese Gibson blames pregnancy lie on medication

Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson has confessed he was lying about expecting a baby with his new wife, insisting the psychiatric medication he had been prescribed was completely to blame.

Earlier this month (Nov17), The Fate of the Furious star announced he was starting a family with social worker Samantha Lee during one of his now-infamous rants on social media, which was uploaded as he battled his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, over custody of their 10-year-old daughter Shayla.

In the Facebook post, he called on his famous friends to support an event Samantha was organizing for their youth empowerment charity, The Love Circle Foundation.

Suggesting their nine-month marriage may be in trouble, he continued, “So that I can stay married… my WIFE, who is now pregnant, is the new President of The Love Circle Foundation could really use some help (sic)….”

The message appeared hours before Tyrese took to Instagram and claimed his odd behavior in recent weeks had been the result of suffering an “adverse effect” to new medication he had been prescribed for an unspecified mental health disorder. He also alleged he had since ditched the drugs.

Now Tyrese has addressed the claims he made about his wife’s pregnancy, admitting it was all one big lie.

“Let’s get this all off the table,” he began his lengthy Instagram post. “a few weeks back while stressed and of course as I embarrassingly spoke on this.. I was advised to use some psych meds called Rexulti and I did and did some really stupid things publicly and privately that will take me a while to recover from.

“To clear the air cause I’m an open book and got nothing to hide. My wife is NOT pregnant and never was (those meds had me on one)… (sic)”.

He went on to insist he wasn’t having any financial difficulties, an issue he had also discussed publicly while taking the prescription drugs, and revealed he had apologized profusely to pals Will and Jada Pinkett Smith after falsely declaring they had loaned him $5 million to help keep him “afloat” during his custody fight.

“there was a few talks with the Smiths and those meds made me jump out there and speak on monies that never came in (sic),” he shared. “I’ve already again apologized to them privately and publicly for everything…”

Tyrese ended the message by vowing to focus on the future, after overcoming Norma’s allegations of domestic violence and being granted joint custody of young Shayla.

He concluded, “This is my last post about the past. Let’s move on shall we?”

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