Uh-oh: ‘American Idol’ reboot reportedly in ‘chaos’

Uh-oh: ‘American Idol’ reboot reportedly in ‘chaos’

I’m of the opinion that rebooting American Idol so soon after its 15 season run on Fox has always been a bad idea. Remember, Idol just ended LAST YEAR. We weren’t given enough time to have proper nostalgia for the show – as a culture we usually need AT LEAST 20 years to get the warm and fuzzies about things from the past (those people trying to bring back the ’00s need to knock it off.)

And because I think that ABC bringing back Idol to our screens next year is such a terrible idea, I’m not shocked to learn that TMZ is reporting that the production is now descending into chaos. Apparently, Idol producers can’t fill the judging panel outside of confirmed judge Katy Perry. If then can’t find two other judges, the show my delay production. This would conflict with Katy’s Witness World Tour, something that producers have already scrambled to accommodate.

At this point, everything is up in the air. That’s not a good thing.



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