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Usher working on new album

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Usher is planning on releasing a new album this year.

While the U Got It Bad hitmaker hasn’t unveiled a record since 2016’s Hard II Love, back in 2019, he posted a photo of himself in a music studio beside a whiteboard featuring the words Confessions 2.

In a new interview with Billboard, Usher wouldn’t confirm whether or not he is developing a follow-up to his hit 2004 album Confessions, but insisted fans won’t have to wait long for some “unique” tracks.

“I am not at the place where I’m going to sign off on the album title at this point. But I am working on an album, and it would be very smart to say it will come out this year. It’s probably too vague right now to determine whether it’s going to be in the Confessions vein or if it’ll be something else. It’s still kind of a moving target, as I’m just beginning to put together a sequence,” he explained. “I do want to put together a body of work that speaks to all of the people that I’ve been able to capture as fans but also will be something unique to me and to R&B music that doesn’t just live in one space.”

In addition to the album, Usher has a string of Las Vegas residency shows lined up at The Colosseum theatre at Caesars Palace.

And following the Covid-19 lockdown, the superstar can’t wait to get back in front of audiences once again.

“When I think of Vegas, I think Gene Kelly, Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis (Presley) – those are the people who’ve inspired me to play in this space. I had a lot of time to think about the show, and I really do enjoy the added value of being immersed in a theatrical experience,” the 42-year-old shared.

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