Valentines for Seniors!

myTalk is celebrating our seniors this Valentine's Day!

Last year a request from the Jason & Alexis Show created a blizzard of Valentines for our senior friend Liz and many other seniors.

So, we are doing it again in partnership with Friends & Co (formerly Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly) - collecting and gathering Valentines!

If you’re a teacher with a class or an office with a big heart and you want to share – do it as a project and send us your Valentines! You can make your own or buy one from the store, and include your own message to our senior friends!

We're gathering valentines for our friend Liz and all the other seniors in the Friends & Co Program.

Send your Valentine to myTalk by February 8th, we'll prepare them and Friends & Co will get them delivered.  Help myTalk spread love to seniors in the Twin Cities this year!

You can send your Valentine to:

myTalk 107.1 - Valentines

3415 University Ave W

St. Paul, MN 55114

Please make sure it gets to us by February 8th, 2023!

Thank you, myTalkers!

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