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Vanessa Kirby totally missed her big Oscar nomination moment

The Ee British Academy Film Awards (baftas) 2020
Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby was too busy having her hair dyed to pay attention to her Oscar nod.

The Crown star was busy getting primped on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 when the Academy Awards nominations were announced last month – and had no idea she was among the Best Actress picks for her role in Pieces of a Woman.

During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Tuesday, Vanessa recalled how she was chatting away to her longtime hairstylist, Kirsten, when she got a text from a crewmember.

“I was actually having my hair dyed for Mission: Impossible in the make-up trailer… and God, it was so surreal,” she remembered. “The cinematographer of the movie sent me a message saying, ‘Are you watching?’ I went, ‘Watching what?… I’m in the make-up trailer having my hair dyed.'”

“He said, ‘You’re not watching the nominations?’ I said, ‘Which nominations?’ And then he told me the news.

“I gasped so loudly that poor Kirsten… thought someone had died because I was so shocked. Then she cried and I cried a little bit. It was very emotional and so surreal.”

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