Video of SNL cast members “breaking” is everything
Colleen Lindstrom

Video of SNL cast members “breaking” is everything

I am a lone wolf. Saturday Night Live is still appointment viewing for me. It always has been. Since I can remember, I still catch live or DVR every single episode of SNL when it’s new.

I don’t think there’s an episode I haven’t seen.

It is rare, because SNL ebbs and flows. Some years are decidedly “bad” or “not as funny” as other seasons, but to me, one of the most fun things is watching the cast members break character mid-sketch.

Jimmy Fallon was notorious for breaking. He could barely get through a hilarious sketch without busting into fits of laughter. And those genuine moments are some of the best. For me, it never ruins the sketch. It makes it that much better. Because you wonder how they are going to recover and get through the rest of the material.

Bill Hader’s breaks are also pretty choice. It turns out that when Bill plays the character Stefan, the writers make a habit of putting new lines in during the live show to throw him off. Nine times out of ten, it works. And it’s delightful.

Somebody did the Lord’s work, and compiled some of the best cast member “breaks” from the last 40 years of SNL, and it’s a day maker. It’s featured on cast member Kate McKinnon’s youTube channel.





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