Warning: This gum ad might just make you cry!
Donna Valentine

Warning: This gum ad might just make you cry!

Is there something in the air?  Yep! It’s called LOVE.  First, there was the man who greeted his wife of 33 years at the airport, after her long trip, playing his trumpet to the tune of  “What a ,Wonderful World” as she approached (their song).  Now, this?

Full disclosure:  The song in the commercial happens to be a song that reminds me of my parents.  Maybe I’m emotional lately because my mom is very ill.  And my dad died nearly 20 years ago.  And I am thinking about them being reunited some day soon.   Regardless of that: this is simply the sweetest.  It shows a guy who “pays attention” to the little things, and really— isn’t that what we, women, cherish most?  I think so.  Check it out and then tell me if I’m just being a big fat mushy cry baby! HA



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