Watching #PeterPanLive on twitter made my week
Colleen Lindstrom

Watching #PeterPanLive on twitter made my week

It’s quite alright if you weren’t parked in front of the boob tube for 3 hours Thursday night to take in “Peter Pan Live,” NBC’s second attempt at a holiday live theater performance on television.

Last year, we watched Carrie Underwood struggle through a performance of “The Sound of Music.”

This year we watched 71 year-old Christopher Walken inhabit Captain Hook with a performance that could have used more cowbell, and Allison Williams, daughter of Brian Williams and star of HBO’s “Girls,” play the flying boy who refuses to grow up.

You didn’t need to be watching it live – because Twitter was watching it for you. And here’s what the people were saying:



But, our very own Marley McMillan summed it up the most concisely. 

What did you think?



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