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Waxing 101: Top tips for at-home novices

When: 08 Feb 2021

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People are turning to at-home waxing more than ever thanks to ongoing beauty salon closures in many parts of the world, with Google Trends showing a 200 per cent increase in the term “Best at home waxing kit”.

With salons looking unlikely to open in the near future, you might be considering making your first foray into the waxing world, so Rosie Khandwala, the founder of vegan sugar wax brand Sugar Coated, has shared with us her top tips before getting started:

Do not exfoliate beforehand

Do not exfoliate right before waxing as it will make the skin tender and sore. Exfoliate the skin a couple of days before waxing as this will help remove the dry skin and free the hair to be pulled out effectively.

Dry skin = better results 

Skin should be dry for waxing, so do not shower right before. Applying talc to skin will absorb any moisture and will help the wax product adhere to the hair and remove them effectively.

Waxing technique 

Master a swift flick action to pull the wax strip. Also applying in small patches will be easier and less painful.

How to perfect the bikini wax 

Do not attempt doing a bikini wax unless you are confident and have perfected areas like your legs and underarms. Position is very important to make sure the skin is taut. Placing a raised leg on the toilet seat is a recommended position as this opens up the area. Positioning yourself in front of a mirror would also be ideal to help with the application. A swift action is vital; pulling the strip slowly will definitely not work!

Pain from waxing 

Using a cold compress with a few drops of lavender oil is the best way to ease any pain or irritation one might get from waxing.

Regrowth period 

Removing hair from the root takes around two weeks before it’s visible on the skin, however, hair would need to be at 4-5 weeks regrowth for the next waxing appointment. This does depend on individual hair growth and different areas of the body. Facial hair and underarms tend have a shorter regrowth period, as these areas have more moisture.

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