We had such a great time at Vine Park last night!
Marley McMillan

We had such a great time at Vine Park last night!

Marley April Alexis

Thank you Vine Park for our sixth annual Brew-off!! Every year, a group of us myTalkers have the pleasure of brewing beer at Vine Park Brewery, and then hanging out with you to decide whose beer is best!

This year, Alexis, April and I went head to head! As per usual, Alexis won. She’s the cutest 😉

But honestly, the beer is so good at Vine Park. It’s actually the only brewery of its kind in the midwest!

What you do is go down there, brew beer for an hour and a half — you can invite friends, hang out, have a beer and order food — and then you come back a couple weeks later (maybe do the same thing ;)) and you’re left with a ton of beer!

It is absolutely delicious — so fresh! — and it also makes for a great hostess gift for any holiday party 😉

We love these guys and we’re so glad we get to hang out with them annually for this event. We also love that we get to hang out with you!

Find more info on Vine Park by clicking here, and otherwise, see you there next year!




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