Wedding Superstitions from Around the World
Dawn McClain

Wedding Superstitions from Around the World

We have something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new.  In other countries, there are several bizarre traditions that will make you scratch your head.

1. IN GREECE, THE BRIDE AND GROOM MUST HAVE SUGARED ALMONDS . The white of the almond symbolizes purity, the egg shape is a sign of fertility, the hardness represents the endurance of marriage, and the sugar is meant to show the sweetness of married life.

2. IN SWEDEN, THE PARENTS OF THE BRIDE PUT COINS IN THE BRIDE’S SHOE.  the father of the bride gives his daughter a silver coin to go in her left shoe, while Mom offers up a gold coin for her right. It’s meant to ensure she will never go without.

3. IN POLAND, BRIDES DON’T SKIMP ON THE SHOES. if they wear open-toed heels their future wealth and fortune would fly right through the opening. Fortunately, they have a shot to scoop up some extra cash.

4. IN SCOTLAND, FUTURE WIVES GET SAUCED.  Before a Scottish bride can be dressed in white, she must first be doused in slime. Pre-nuptials, the bride’s friends slather her—and sometimes her groom—in smelly foods like rotten eggs, curdled milk, and fish sauces. The tradition is said to prepare couples for the hardships of married life.

5. IN FRANCE, WEDDING GUESTS PREPARE AN UNUSUAL FEAST FOR THE COUPLE.  French newlyweds flush away bad luck with a unique tradition called La Soupe: Guests gather the leftovers from the reception—or tasty treats like champagne and chocolate—and place them into a toilet or toilet-like bowl for the bride and groom to eat.

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