Weekly Dish Show Links: 1/02/16
Weekly Dish

Weekly Dish Show Links: 1/02/16

Check out the 10 healthiest New Year’s resolutions! 

Just 8% of people achieve their resolutions! How do they do it? 

Try these meals in 2016!

Stay up to date on 2016’s global food trends!  And the latest cocktail trends! 

And 2015’s food trends are out, and 2016’s are in! Check out what’s coming and going! 

Try Elderberry drops! 

Get this mini cleaver!

A cleanse for food lovers? Try it!  And do cleanses even work? 

Also, the taco cleanse is a thing…

Here are some recipe projects to try! 

Love craft beer? Check out CraftTapped and discover new beers!


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