We weighed Dawn’s Boobs!
Alexis Thompson

We weighed Dawn’s Boobs!

We found out yesterday that “boob weighing” has been on Dawn’s broadcasting to do list for years!

We are dream makers here on the Jason & Alexis Show and we made it happen today!

How much do they weigh?

Before she weighed them live on air, we asked myTalkers to guess; they ranged from 4 to 19lbs!

Dawn’s former co-host in Missouri, Chris, perked up to guess; his guess: 4 lbs. Jason, Dawn and I all underguessed at 6.6lbs, 11lbs and 7.5lbs, respectively.

And guess what? Donna Valentine guessed it right at 12.75lbs!


So many LOL tweets from myTalkers (just search #DawnsBoobs)! Thesis Himself would like to trade spaces with the scale and said he’s willing to take out a second mortgage.

Traffic Kitty Kenny was inspired, can you tell?


Happy Tuesday everyone!

How many of you are going to weigh your boobs now? 🙂



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