Welcome Bradley’s new puppy, Louise!
Bradley Traynor

Welcome Bradley’s new puppy, Louise!

This is Louise. In less than 48 hours she has made us happier (and sleepier) than we ever thought possible. #puppylife #doggydaddies #gamechanger #cavapoochon

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Ain’t she adorable? Jamie and I welcomed 10-week little cava-poo-chon Louise into our home over the weekend. While we were super excited to bring a new pup into our lives, I don’t think we quite realized how quickly everything would change. So much love and so little sleep! But, just look at those eyes and tell me a little sleep loss isn’t totally worth it.

Special thanks to Katie K9 and many others who’ve given us great advice!

Also, I think a puppy shower is in order, no? Where should we register? Nieman Barkus?



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