What your birth month says about your sex life!
Donna & Steve

What your birth month says about your sex life!


HO HO The world’s greatest mystery has finally been solved!!!

Ok, so maybe not, but we had a little bit of fun today talking about what your birth month says about your sex life.

Take a look at the grid below or click here to see all the explanations of birth months’ effects on sex.

Donna is August, which means she’s either very selfish or very generous. We think very generous, but Marley thinks she should be a little more selfish.

Tam is March: She has proper lady sex, meaning it’s emotionally fueled. Also, she requires and emotional “bond,” not “bondage,” as Donna first thought.

Marley is July: She also needs to feel emotionally connected, and she likes to give satisfaction. (She doesn’t know if any of these are true.)

What’s your birth month?? Do you think the description is accurate? Why or why not?


Donna, Marley & Tam


Donna & Steve

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