Who’s tanner? Donald Trump or Tan Mom?
Bradley Traynor

Who’s tanner? Donald Trump or Tan Mom?

I was watching an interview with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on CNN Thursday when I became fixated on something that had absolutely nothing to do with the substance of the interview.

Donald Trump’s face.

Donald Trump’s extremely spray-tanned face.

At least I’m hoping it’s spray tan.

First off, someone needs to remind him to take the goggles off when he’s getting his spray tan so he doesn’t end up with the puffy pink raccoon eye situation that I can’t stop staring at.

As I found myself distracted by Mr. Trump’s orangey visage, it occurred to me I’d seen it somewhere before.

Digging through the pics on my phone, it didn’t take long before I found it.

A pic of me from Halloween a few years back when I went as Tan Mom.

That’s it, I screamed, Donald Trump is Tan Mom.

Or at least Donald Trump is me as Tan Mom.

Uncanny really.

And slightly awkward, since my crappy Halloween makeup job is the same as Mr. Trump’s every day face.

I don’t know who I feel worse for.



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