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Why you should switch to a natural shampoo

When: 26 Feb 2021 **only For Use By Wenn Cps**
Natural Shampoo

Many of us have been using more natural skincare and beauty products, but ​often using natural haircare products is the last switch you make.

We know that SLS isn’t great for our hair, but it can be difficult to move away from traditional shampoo formulas that lather beautifully and make hair feel squeaky clean.

However, your locks will love you for making the change! Nereus London co-founder and Brand Creative Director, Diana Ziegler, has given us the lowdown on how natural shampoos compare to their traditional counterparts.

“The problem with traditional high-end shampoos is that they contain synthetic chemicals. The fragrances aren’t natural and they’re full of SLS, sulphates, and parabens,” Diana explains. “SLS, for example, is a chemical that completely strips your hair of everything, including its healthy natural oils. It gives the appearance of being effective, but it’s very much in the short term. The next day your hair feels terrible, as these shampoos then leave nasty synthetic substances and residues in your hair.”

If you fancy giving a natural shampoo a try, look no further than Nereus London’s Australian Buddha Wood & Bergamot Shampoo, which is vegan, free from SLS, parabens, and silicone, and housed in a black plastic-free bottle.

Other products to check out include Faith in Nature’s Lemon & Tea Tree Shampoo and Rahua’s Hydration Shampoo.

It’s worth noting that you may not see an instant transformation after you transition to a natural product.

“It’s important to understand that this shift doesn’t happen overnight and there is a transition period when switching to a more natural shampoo. It varies for everyone; it often takes around two weeks, but for some, it can be three months or even a year,” Diana warns. “Everyone has a different journey when switching to natural shampoos but keep in mind that your hair, scalp, and the Earth itself will always be grateful to you for making the right move. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful natural hair?!”

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