I will spend eternity on a cruise ship!
Bradley Traynor

I will spend eternity on a cruise ship!

I love to vacation on cruise ships. In fact, I’d even love to retire on a cruise ship.

And now, thanks to the insanely brilliant plans of one Hong Kong firm, I can now contemplate even being BURIED on a cruise ship.

According to the Daily Mail, the H.K. Ship Art Club is proposing a floating cemetery to house the burial urns of nearly 50,000 dearly departed. 


Who wouldn’t want to spend eternity floating around the world in cruise ship luxury?

And if I house my remains on board, friends and loved ones could hop aboard from time to time and sail right along side me.

‘Cuz that’s not the least bit creepy.

Ok, so it’s a wacky idea, but I’m not poo-poo’ing any opportunity to spend more time at sea.

Even if it is after I’ve headed to that big cruise ship in the sky.



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