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Woman claims Armie Hammer carved his initials into her body

Armie Hammer’s problems continue to out as a woman claimed he carved the letter ‘A’ into her body.

Paige Lorenze alluded to a relationship with the actor in a YouTube video earlier this week, and now the 22-year-old model has shared her story with DailyMailTV, revealing the time she spent with Hammer was like “a real-life 50 Shades Of Grey without the love”.

Her allegations follow those of another ex, who claimed Armie had cannibal fantasies.

The Social Network star has denied the accusations.

Lorenze claims she was often left bruised after time spent with Hammer, and described one startling incident during which the actor discussed knife play with her.

“He decided he wanted to brand me as his property and carve his name on my body… I wasn’t sure he was serious, as he looked over my body and said, ‘Where should I carve an A on you?'”

She said the mark was left on her lower stomach, and claimed the actor licked the blood as she passed out from the pain.

“The next day he even told people about what he had done. I was upset, embarrassed and humiliated… I was completely manipulated. It will haunt me forever. I will have laser treatment to get rid of the scar,” she stated.

Lorenze also alleged he had gone into detail about how he wanted to eat her flesh.

“He wanted to find a doctor in L.A., so that he could remove one of my ribs… and then barbecue it and eat it while I watch. He said that more than once. He was very serious,” she added.

Hammer’s lawyer has shot down Lorenze’s remarks, insisting, “Any interactions with this person, or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”

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