Woody Allen: ‘I should be the poster boy for the #MeToo movement’
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Woody Allen: ‘I should be the poster boy for the #MeToo movement’

Woody Allen is convinced he should be the “poster boy” for the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct because he has never been accused of “any kind of impropriety” in Hollywood.

The Blue Jasmine filmmaker has been accused of sexual assault by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow – allegations he has always denied.

In January (18), Dylan gave her first television interview about the 1992 scandal, as the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct began to gather pace. Following her interview, actresses including Mira Sorvino and Rebecca Hall vowed never to work with Allen again, but he insists he should not be punished because he has never acted improperly towards anyone in Hollywood.

“I’m a big advocate of the #MeToo movement,” he tells Argentinian news programme Periodismo Para Todos. “I feel when they find people who harass innocent women and men, it’s a good thing that they’re exposing them. But you know, I should be the poster boy for the #MeToo movement.

“I have worked in movies for 50 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of actresses and not a single one – big ones, famous ones, ones starting out – have ever ever suggested any kind of impropriety at all. I’ve always had a wonderful record with them.”

Allen is also “bothered” that he is included in discussions about disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and director James Toback, who have both been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

“What bothers me is that I get linked in with them,” he says. “People who have been accused by 20 women, 50 women, 100 women of abuse and abuse and abuse – and I, who was only accused by one woman in a child custody case which was looked at and proven to be untrue, I get lumped in with these people.”

And Allen is still “sad” that his daughter continues to accuse him of sexual assault.

“This is something that had been thoroughly analyzed 25 years ago by all the authorities and all came to the conclusion that it was not true,” he adds. “And that was the end and I continued with my life and now, come back now, I mean, my God, it is terrible to accuse a person of something like that. I am a man with a family and my own children.”

Bechet Dumaine, Woody’s daughter from his marriage to Soon-Yi Previn, and his adopted son Moses recently came forward to defend their dad.

Bechet wrote: “I never wanted to involve myself in the social media debates involving my father, but there comes a point when I realize that I can either continue pretending that none of this is going on, or stand up for him. He has been nothing but supportive and loving, and now it is my turn to support him.”

She linked her message to Moses Farrow’s lengthy blog post, in which he claimed the allegations against the Annie Hall director are false.

Moses also alleged that Dylan was brainwashed by their adopted mother, Mia Farrow, into thinking Allen abused her.

Bechet’s mother is Farrow’s adopted daughter from her marriage to conductor Andre Previn. Woody has accused his ex of plotting against him because she’s still angry about his decision to leave her for her daughter.

Dylan has maintained she was abused by her father, insisting that Moses’ recent blog post “contradicts” statements he has made in the past.

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