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Woody Harrelson calls COVID-19 protocols on sets ‘absurd’

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Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson has urged film industry moguls to scrap COVID-19 protocols on sets.

In a recent interview with New York Times Magazine, the Champions star called for Hollywood film sets to abolish COVID-19 protocols.

He expressed the rules made indie filmmaking more difficult.

“Now to get an indie done? Especially with all the COVID protocols – which, to me, are rather absurd. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Woody explained. “The fact that they’re still going on! I don’t think that anybody should have the right to demand that you’re forced to do the testing, forced to wear the mask and forced to get vaccinated three years on.”

He continued, “I’m just like, Let’s be done with this nonsense.”

The actor shared he was more concerned about the film crew having to abide by protocols than about himself, as actors can get out of following the rules.

“It’s not fair to the crews,” he insisted. “I don’t have to wear the mask. Why should they?”

Woody added, “Why should they have to be vaccinated? How’s that not up to the individual? I shouldn’t be talking about this s**t.

“It makes me angry for the crew. The anarchist part of me, I don’t feel that we should have forced testing, forced masking and forced vaccination. That’s not a free country.”

He reiterated, “Really I’m talking about the crew. Because I can get out of wearing a mask. I can test less. I’m not in the same position they’re in, but it’s wrong. It’s three years. Stop…

“As an anarchist, I don’t do well with mandates.”

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