The world record egg, revealed! AND IT’S AWESOME!
Colleen Lindstrom

The world record egg, revealed! AND IT’S AWESOME!

Remember the world record egg? The one that had more followers on social media that Kylie Jenner? The one that had everyone scratching their heads wondering where it came from and what it meant?

Well, the egg has been revealed, and I have to say, this might just be the most positive stunt I’ve ever seen. The egg is all about drawing your attention to mental health, but this will be just one of the causes that the egg will help to promote.

Check it out:


Prior to the Big Game on Sunday, speculation was running rampant after a Buzzfeed article revealed that the egg was associated with┬áChris Godfrey, who works at London-based advertising agency The&Partnership. The egg also directed people to Hulu following Sunday’s game to see what was coming next leading many to believe that there would be some co-branded programming on Hulu.

But alas, the result was the aforementioned short message, and we have more to look forward to. Which is basically genius.



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